§ 1
1. On 4th of May 1996 Gold Wing Club of Poland is founded, in shortcut GWCPL.
2. Clubs acts in support about Law about Federations from 7th April 1989 (Dz. U. Nr 20 , poz. 104 with later changes).
§ 2
1. Club is seated in Pszczynia on the K. Miarki Street 15.
§ 3
1. Objectives of the club are:
a) association of owners and users of Honda Gold Wing motorcycles,
b) propagating culture of driving,
c) lifting qualifications of club members,
d) representing Gold Wing owners' businesses,
e) technical, content - related as well as moral support,
f) popularization of wide understood idea of motorcycles as well as motor-cycle tourism,
g) establish contancts between clubs,
h) promotion of international contacts, friendship, actions as well as exchange of information among other Gold Wing clubs and their members.
§ 4
1. Funds for a club to operate, comew from member's fees
2. Minimum member fee for one year is being set at height not lower, than equivalent of 10 (ten) litres of 95 octan without lead fuel .
§ 5
1. Club's terrain of activity are the whole country and abroad.
§ 6
1. Club's activities are: organization of meetings, rallies, trainings, courses as well as departures on team events.
§ 7
1. Founder members have decisive influence on character of activity,shape and policy of club, as well as Veto right in recruitment of the new members of club.
§ 8
1. A club member is a person who was admitted in members' rank with majority of foundermember's voices and paided member's fee for one year.
§ 9
1. Duties of club members are:
a) stately club represention,
b) obeying of club regulations,
§ 10
1. Members of the club have a right to:
a) participation in events organized through club,
b) presenting of own proposals concerning club activities,
§ 11
1. Club is being represented by Tomasz Nowak or person appointed by him personally.
§ 12
1. Changes in regulations are being made in written form on penalty of annulment.

Regulations were finished on § 12
Pszczyna, 4th of May.1996
Founders: Tomasz Nowak, Micha³ Ginter

Krzysztof Nowicz


To regulations adds signs up which follows:

§ 13
1. GoldWing Club the of Poland is a member of GoldWing European Federation in shortcut GWEF.
2. Every GWCPL member is a member GWEF simultaneously, in connection with he is obliged to obey and act with constitution of GWEF.
3. Every GWCPL member have a right to participate in events having recommendation of GWEF with special, reduced payment.
§ 14
1. GoldWing Club the of Poland have a right has to step out from GWEF on unanimous conclusion of all commiittee members.